Flame Into Spring

April 2, 2017 § 2 Comments

Pantone named “Flame” as one of the top Spring 2017 colors, and I am happily (accidentally!) obliging. This year I found a handful of perfectly sized aragonite “sputnik” crystals. They were just too cool. Did you know that in addition to being grounding, stress relievers, these clusters encourage conservation and caring for the earth?


Aragonite Sputnik Crystals

I paired them with some lovely rose cut emeralds.

Rose_Cut_Emerald_Aragonite_Sputnik_Earrings 2017

Rose Cut Emerald Earrings with Aragonite Sputnik Drops

Since I was on an orange roll, here’s a pair of emeralds with sunstones for you more “demure” types.

Rose_Cut_Emerald_Sunstone_Earrings 1 2017

Rose Cut Emerald & Sunstone Earrings

Not big enough for you? How about some honkin’ big morganite (aka as pink emerald or pink beryl) babies paired with orange kyanite and sapphire briolettes? No wallflowers need apply for these. Just saying.

Morganite_Orange_Kyanite_Sapphire_Earrings 2017

Emerald Cut Morganite Earrings with Raw Orange Kyanite & Sapphire Briolettes

A couple of BIG rings: Cantera aka Mexican fire opal and a gemmy pink rhodochrosite. Both over 30 carats each.

Cantera_Opal_Ring_ 1 2017

Cantera or Mexican Fire Opal Ring

Rhodochrosite_Ring 2017

Rhodochrosite Ring

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Hoppy Flaming Spring!



February 26, 2017 § 2 Comments

Here in the Big Easy it’s the height of Carnival season. I generally try to avoid crowds, but sometimes you get an offer you can’t refuse; this one was “above” the crowds, courtesy of some of my friends in high places. We were invited for dinner at a fancy schmancy restaurant that included a viewing stand. I had a perch to see three parades, including the Krewe of Muses, which is an all female crew. It’s all about shoes and bathtubs, my kind of theme!


Krewe of Muses Bathtub Float

Let me use the watery theme to segue into March, which means aquamarines! One of my favorite rocks, from the berylicious (or in boring scientific terms “beryl”) family.

I am always on the hunt for cool specimens, and this year in Tucson I found the coolest aquamarine crystal slices. A matching pair of beautiful cross sections showing different shades of blue in the natural crystal structure. They are now a special pair of earrings, reminiscent of ancient Roman jewels!


Natural Aquamarine Crystal Cross Section Slice Earrings

I also bought a handful of polished, natural aquamarine crystals, perfect for rings and pendants. This one is especially nice, long and lean with a little curve action!


Natural Polished Aquamarine Crystal Ring

Aquamarine_Polished_Raw_Crystal_Ring 1 2017.JPG

Rose_cut_Aquamarine_chrysocolla_Earrings 2017.JPG

Rose Cut Aquamarine Earrings with Chrysocolla Drops

Adding a little interest to these earrings is one of my other favorite rocks, chrysocolla. I have a nice little collection of this stuff, looks nice with aquamarine too.

My latest pièce de résistance is an emerald cut berylicious with gorgeous inclusions. It’s big and honkin, over 40 carats! You can get lost inside this world for hours.

Beryl_Aquamarine_Inclusions_Pendant 2017.JPG

Emerald Cut Beryl with Inclusions Pendant Necklace

Beryl_Aquamarine_Inclusions_Pendant 2 2017.JPG

Beryl with Inclusions – a closer look!

Last but not least, not a berylicious piece, but still droolworthy in my humble opinion. Natural turquoise with black matrix from exotic Uzbekistan. Perfectly Miss Matched earrings.


Natural Turquoise Earrings

You can get more info on all of these pieces by clicking on a photo, and checking out the shop. Or click here: http://boutique.ledajewelco.com/

For those of you who live where Fat Tuesday is just another Tuesday, go ahead and overindulge in your favorite treats and pastimes! You can repent later. That’s what we do in New Orleans!

Beryliciously yours

Deep Sea Luxe

May 18, 2014 § 2 Comments

In the previous post, I shared the first piece I created with the glittery seashell fossils that captured my heart. For this post, I’d like to present my new line of Deep Sea Luxe baubles!


Seashell Fossil Druzy Necklace With Imperial Topaz Aquamarine Opal & Sapphire Briolettes

Seashell Fossil Druzy Necklace With Imperial Topaz Aquamarine Opal & Sapphire Briolettes

This necklace features a pendant with a nice big, 7.25 carat, oval aquamarine cabochon with two Imperial topaz drops: one heart shaped briolette, and one raw crystal drop. Blue and orange sapphire briolettes, an Australian opal, and of course, a seashell fossil. The pendant is attached to a strand of raw Imperial topaz, with a sterling silver chain and a toggle clasp.

Maybe something mis matched to match?

Rose Cut Imperial Topaz Earrings With Aquamarine Drops "Miss Matched"

Rose Cut Imperial Topaz Earrings With Aquamarine Drops “Miss Matched”

Seashell Fossil Druzy Necklace With Boulder Opal Rose Cut Purple Ceylon Sapphire & Sapphire Briolettes

Seashell Fossil Druzy Necklace With Boulder Opal Rose Cut Purple Ceylon Sapphire & Sapphire Briolettes

In addition to the seashells, this baby has shades of purple: Rose cut Ceylon sapphire, sapphire briolettes, a gorgeous boulder opal with lavender and blue/green tints, strung on a strand of Australian opals.

How about something to match but not too obvious?

Rose Cut Purple Sapphire Stacking Rings

Rose Cut Purple Sapphire Stacking Rings

Seashell Fossil Druzy Pendant With Boulder Opal Tanzanite & Sapphire Briolettes

Seashell Fossil Druzy Pendant With Boulder Opal Tanzanite & Sapphire Briolettes

This pendant is strung on purple/blue leather, the length is adjustable from a choker to almost 24″.

Prefer something more demure?

Druzy Shell Fossil Necklace Pendant With Natural Zircon

Druzy Shell Fossil Necklace Pendant With Natural Zircon

This seashell is strung on natural zircon, a very cool gemstone. Unfortunately it often gets confused with cubic zirconia (which is a lab created imitation diamond). Natural zircon’s brilliance and dispersion is very similar to diamonds.

I just loved creating these pieces and hope they gave you some viewing pleasure! Here comes summer…

For more details or to purchase, click on a photo or go direct to the shop: http://boutique.ledajewelco.com/






November 13, 2013 § 2 Comments

This post is all about the color “green”, thanks to Pantone naming “Emerald” as the “Color of the Year”, and adding a couple of other “greens” for the fall/winter season.

Green is the color for nature, life, fertility and cold hard cash! I decided to go with the flow. I synchronized with the trend and pulled out a bunch of green rocks from the vault.

Here’s what got made:

"Raw" Emerald Earrings with Gem Quality Briolettes

“Raw” Emerald Earrings with Gem Quality Briolettes

“Raw” emeralds are opaque, and much more affordable than the kind Richard Burton used to buy for La Liz. Here, I’ve mixed up the a variety of qualities for these emerald earbobs.

Rose Cut Peridot Earrings with Green Kyanite Drops

Rose Cut Peridot Earrings with Green Kyanite Drops

I just love the combo of green kyanite and peridot. Green kyanite is said to balance one with nature and opens the door to communicating with nature spirits. Like citrine, green kyanite will not hold negativity. The peridot helps keep the positive vibe by cleansing negative emotions like jealousy and a wounded ego.

Rose Cut Green & Watermelon Tourmaline "Miss Matched" Earrings

Rose Cut Green & Watermelon Tourmaline “Miss Matched” Earrings

Lord knows I can’t get through a post without at least one tourmaline piece! Here’s a pair of green rose cuts with watermelon babies, similar but different!

Rose Cut Green Garnet Ring

Rose Cut Green Garnet Ring

Green garnets are the go to rock for prosperity and abundance. This ring is stackable, and brings wealth on all levels: creatively, physically and emotionally.

Peridot Strand Necklace

Peridot Strand Necklace

I’ve been looking high and low to put something with this gorgeous strand of peridot. It is so assertive, I decided that it needed to be it’s own strand. Hand knotted on silk with a handmade toggle clasp. Enough said.

Valentine’s vs V Day

January 18, 2013 § Leave a comment

While getting psyched for my trek to Tucson for the annual Gem & Mineral Shows (which would happily take me away from the mayhem and madness that is SuperBowlMardiGras here in New Orleans), I was thinking about posting baubles with a Valentine’s Day theme before I hit the road. What I really wanna talk about is love and respect, and WOMEN. Chicks. Babes. Broads. Females. Dames. Ladies. Lasses. Damsels. Or if you’re reading this from the “land down under”, Sheilas. This is my personal love letter to us.

I generally try not to get too political, heated arguments spoil my sunny disposition. However, I was very affected by the death of a young woman in India last month who was gang raped for hours. Her name was Jyoti Singh Pandey and her death needs to matter, and so does remembering her name. I count myself fortunate that I have suffered very little physical violence in my life. Being bullied in school was the closest I ever came to being hurt, and somehow I managed to outrun and/or outwit most of them. I can count five bullies. Four were girls! Sad, but interesting. I can’t remember most peoples names from my school days, but I remember the bullies names, first and last. Also sad, but interesting. The other interesting thing is when men have been inappropriate with me, I was never shy about making a racket. In my youth I was told to “keep quiet”. Like I was the one doing something wrong. “Nice” girls just need to shut up.

For a number of years, I volunteered at the local community radio station here in New Orleans (WWOZ 90.7 on your FM dial). Besides hosting some blues and New Orleans music shows, I would produce something called the “Community Notebook”. Usually it was for neighborhood events, fundraisers etc. When Tulane University submitted a request for a promo of “The Vagina Monologues” on Valentine’s Day, I was told I could not say the word “vagina” on the air!! We did come to a compromise: I was allowed to say the word once, because it’s in the title. (Duh). Since I was single (and couldn’t get a date) I went to see the performance. This play addresses the stigma surrounding rape, abuse and women’s sexuality. The author (Eve Ensler, follow her on Twitter: @eveensler) has incorporated a non-profit charity called “V-Day” and raises money via performances of  The Vagina Monologues for female victims of violence and sexual abuse. You can find out more here: http://www.vday.org/home

Now I know this is a jewelry blog, and don’t you worry, I’ll shamelessly flog some trinkets too, but I want to address the “vs” in the title. This non-profit has been criticized for taking the air out of the romantic balloon that is Valentine’s Day, attacking the “romantic” bonds between men and women, for being “misdandrist” (mis´an`drist    (mĭs´ăn`drĭst) n. 1. one who hates men). I say PSHAW. I love my husband, he’s good to me. I also know that I’m a woman, and I am outraged  by so much that goes on in the world because women are deemed to be less than worthy (Taliban anyone?). Ever hear about the “Sworn Virgins of Albania”? Women (usually young girls) are asked to give up their sexuality and live as celibate males. For honor and respect. You can find out more here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albanian_sworn_virgins and find some links to some of the photos by Jill Peters (photo below is hers) who recently brought this story to mainstream media.

Sworn Virgin Albania

I am fortunate that I live in a place that I can celebrate romance, be a “girly girl” AND support violence against women. If each of my 12 followers can go here: http://twibbon.com/support/one-billion-rising-5, get a twibbon, then maybe give a couple of bucks, maybe start something, dance, join a march, see the play, or just send a good thought, I will have done something. Now, how about something pink?

Wishing you an early Happy V/Valentines Day. Go home and kiss someone you love (yourself included).

Clicking on an image takes you to the listing. To see all my “pink”  offerings, click here: PINK

Big Pink Tourmaline Garnet & Moonstone Pendant Y Necklace

Big Pink Tourmaline Garnet & Moonstone Pendant Y Necklace

Rose Cut Pink Tourmaline & Watermelon Tourmaline Earrings with Deep Pink Briolettes

Rose Cut Pink Tourmaline & Watermelon Tourmaline Earrings with Deep Pink Briolettes

Mexican Fire Opal & Rose Cut Pink Sapphire Earrings

Mexican Fire Opal & Rose Cut Pink Sapphire Earrings

Rose Cut Pink Sapphire Stacking Ring

Rose Cut Pink Sapphire Stacking Ring

Rare Rutile Amethyst & Pink Morganite Pendant /Necklace with Pyrite

Rare Rutile Amethyst & Pink Morganite Pendant /Necklace with Pyrite

Pink Baby Geode Pendant

Pink Baby Geode Pendant


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