Heaux Heaux Heaux (that’s how you spell it in New Orleans)

December 20, 2017 § 1 Comment


Greetings And Good Wishes To All!

My plans to move home to Canada have hit some snags (don’t ask!) and so am still lolling around here in the Big Easy, and working on updating my website/shop. Look out for the spiffy new site in the New Year! Same address: http://www.ledajewelco.com

As I was preparing to write this post, a headline on my feed caught my eye:

The Winter Solstice 2017 Will Be the Worst Day of the Year

Really? Is this what the season has come to? Tomorrow is the solstice, and I gotta say, bring it on!! This year has been usually Bah Humbug for my own fine self; I can take this one day and roll with it. Just saying.

Here’s hoping 2018 will bring you (and ME!) something strange (but not too much) and wonderful! I would like to thank everyone who continues to support my work. I appreciate you.  Merry Christmas and/or Happy What YOU Celebrate! XXX



Long Hot Summer

September 12, 2017 § 2 Comments

September in New Orleans has brought some unusually cool weather courtesy of the Canadian cold front (which also kept Hurricane Irma away from the Big Easy). No one who has spent any time here is a stranger to hurricanes, but this year they were breeding like rabbits! Irma + 2.png

My heart goes out to our neighbors in Texas and Florida. Twelve years ago New Orleans was the canary in the coal mine for the flooding to come. Ironically, even though we are below sea level, we are less likely to flood now because of the reinforcements in the levee system that were built after the devastation. Well, that’s what they say anyway!

Some of my clients may know that I have packed up my studio (rocks and tools too) and have placed a “for sale” sign on my house, in the hope of moving back to Canada. Selling a house in New Orleans in the dead heat of summer with hurricanes swirling around is well, um, crappy timing! To make matters worse, the City That Care Forgot, also “forgot” to maintain the pumps. For those of you who don’t know, because we are below sea level AND surrounded by water, we have a sophisticated pumping system that (when it’s operational) keeps the water off the streets. After a lot of finger pointing, the city is on track to get the pumps back in action. One of the things I love about living here is, that even when facing disaster, people have a sense of humor. Below is a sign someone put up next to the pumping station in my neighborhood before the expected deluge of Hurricane Harvey.

I think I can, I think I can

Our optimistic pumping station.

So, I am hoping this cool front will bring more beautiful weather AND a “sold” sticker on the house.

In the meantime, the shop is still (maybe) up. If you have read this far, and have a piece you’ve been hankering for, I am offering a 20% discount for those who have the *audacity to email me (lydia@ledajewelco.com) and ask. I rarely put my stuff on sale because I just put too much of myself into it.

Happy September to all.
Here’s a pretty purple sapphire (September’s birthstone) & amethyst bauble to tempt you to mosey on over to the shop!


Rose Cut Amethyst and Purple Ceylon Sapphire Necklace

FYI: The shop address is boutique.ledajewelco.com
Please be aware that I am unable to create anything new, or repair pieces at this time.

*this is humor! I am really easy to talk to!! Really.

Berylicious (or What I Did On My Summer Vacation)

October 2, 2016 § 1 Comment

This summer after road tripping to Canada, I made a stop in NYC to get a rock fix. There’s a dealer that gets heart stopping stuff and, let me just say, I have a problem. I am a rock addict. I admit it, and apparently I do nothing (except give in). Here’s a tray with some of my stash. Note the green stuff (beryl) towards the right.


Addictive strands.

A couple of sights on my way to do the deal.


Then I went home, and got to work.

Prehnite_Beryl_Crystal_Necklace 2016.JPG

Polished Green Beryl Crystal & Prehnite Necklace

Aqua_Beryl_Duo 2016.JPG

Aquamarine & Green Beryl Crystal Earrings

Raw_Aqua_Crystal_Necklace 2016.JPG

Raw Aquamarine Crystal Pendant, Polished Beryl On A Strand of Aquamarine Discs

Beryl_Crystal_Pendant 2016-2.JPG

Polished Green Beryl Crystal Pendant

Sometimes, the simple stuff is all you need.

Beryl_Crystal_Earring Duo 2016.JPG

Simple Polished Beryl Crystal Earrings

Click on a photo to take you to the shop for more info.

Hope you had fun on YOUR summer vacation!

Ten Years After

October 22, 2015 § 6 Comments

Never mind that 10 year Katrina/flood anniversary thingy. We had our OWN 10 year celebration recently: the Ball&Chain and I married shortly after the flood. For OUR 10 year commemoration, we decided to leave the Big Easy, and frolic in my mother country. One of the most beautiful places on the planet is Canada’s west coast, and I am particularly smitten with the western edge of Vancouver Island. It is wild, pristine and breathtaking.

Western Shore of Vancouver Island

Western Shore of Vancouver Island

Beach With Driftwood & The Ball&Chain

Beach With Driftwood & The Ball&Chain

The area is also a rain forest. Here’s the stairway to heaven in one of the old growth forests!

Stairway To Heaven

Stairway To Heaven

Just before our trip, the Ball&Chain picked up a copy of National Geographic at the news stand, in it was a very interesting article about a creature I’d never heard of: the sea wolf. Sea wolves only live on Canada’s west coast islands and Alaska. These wolves swim! They eat seafood and barnacles! And guess what? On our bear watching tour, we not only got to see a mama bear with her two cubs, but we also got to see not one, but TWO elusive sea wolves! Even the tour guide was shocked and started snapping photos. Here’s one of my lame shots of the pair:

2 Sea Wolves

Elusive Sea Wolves: The black one is the female.

Check out this link to the article with way better photographs:


Enough about me. This is October, and that means tourmalines! I managed to create a couple of pieces before our little holiday.

Rose Cut Pink Tourmaline Pendant Necklace On Labradorite

Rose Cut Pink Tourmaline Pendant Necklace On Labradorite

Carved Pink Tourmaline Flower Necklace With Australian Opals On Apatite Strand

Carved Pink Tourmaline Flower Necklace With Australian Opal Centers On Apatite Strand

Rubelite (Pink Tourmaline) Earrings With Pink Watermelon Tourmaline Drops

Rubelite (Pink Tourmaline) Earrings With Pink Watermelon Tourmaline Drops

Want more? Here’s an encore presentation of some of my favorite tourmaline earrings in the shop (click on the photos for more details):

Watermelon Tourmaline Double Drop Miss Matched Earrings With Peridot Briolettes

Watermelon Tourmaline Double Drop Miss Matched Earrings With Peridot Briolettes

Rose Cut Tourmaline & Watermelon Tourmaline Triple Drop "Miss Matched" Earrings

Rose Cut Green Tourmaline & Watermelon Tourmaline Triple Drop “Miss Matched” Earrings


Rubelite Crystal Earrings With Raw Watermelon Tourmaline Slice Drops

Rubelite Crystal Earrings With Raw Watermelon Tourmaline Slice Drops

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