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This whole getting older thing is getting on my last nerve. I’m not a big fan of getting photographed, but this week, I had to renew my passport and didn’t have much of a choice. When did I start looking like my Aunt Lydia? It seems that I’ve developed the same creases and baggy bits in my face that I remember her having when she was MUCH older. I would like to grow old gracefully, and thought I was doing pretty well. I don’t match my shoes to a purse or lipstick to my nail polish. I mix patterns. I wear white in winter (disclaimer: in New Orleans, it gets cold for about 6 weeks, 8 weeks tops, so really, white AND linen are year round staples), and I don’t make (the ultimate faux pas) “matchy-matchy” jewelry. It’s just not hip.

Or is it?

I have a friend who likes to buy “something to match” when she picks a piece. I acquiesce. I also have an online client who likes “sets” and I make ’em. At first I thought: “That is so OLD LADY”, and an image of the Queen comes to mind…

Queen Elizabeth

Not so long ago, I acquired a copy of Elizabeth Taylor’s book, “My Love Affair With Jewelry”. It was very chic to have  a “matched” set of jewels in her hey day. I have to admit, I would have a hard time turning down this Bulgari emerald suite right now, no matter how passé.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Bulgari Emerald Suite

There is also a ring and a tiara to match this “set” AKA “parure”. Parure is a matched set of ornaments; in jewelry, it’s usually referred to when there are three or more matching pieces (used in reference to antique and vintage jewelry – hence my “old lady” images).

That’s it – I am officially old. I’m starting to kinda like the idea. But instead of making an exact replica, I like to use similar components, or colors. After my friend Jane bought this piece:

Checkerboard Morganite Pendant with Hand Carved Antique Australian Opal, Sapphire and Emerald Briolettes

She wanted something to match. I made these:

Rose Cut Aquamarine Earrings with Aquamarine & Emerald Briolettes

My online client bought a pair of earrings with the stipulation that I make a matching necklace or pendant:

Rose Cut Tourmaline & Pink Sapphire Earrings with Pendant

A couple of months later, she bought these:

Stalactite Necklace with Lavender Rose Cut Amethyst Labradorite & Emerald Briolettes – Triple Drop Labradorite Chain. Matching Amethyst Emerald & Labradorite Earrings

Here’s a better shot of the necklace:

Amethyst Stalactite Necklace with Rose Cut Lavender Amethyst Emerald & Labradorite Briolettes

With a ring to match:

Rose Cut Amethyst Ring

Miz Matchy has a parure! My 1st!


Because of this, I am now offering these earrings:

Aquamarine Crystal Australian Opal & Emerald Drop Earrings


And a “matching” necklace:

Fluorite Emerald Raw Aquamarine & Diamond Necklace

Apparently, I can lie like a rug. I’ve had these two pieces (which obviously match) up for sale in the etsy shop for awhile. I’ve been aging (gracefully?) for longer than previously thought.

Rose Cut Champagne Citrine Earrings with Ametrine Briolettes

Rose Cut Champagne Citrine & Moonstone Necklace













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