Rhymes With Purple

May 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

Purple. The color of royalty, mystery, wisdom, magic. It’s warm and cool, complex, like fine wine. Cleopatra loved purple. I love purple, I have a Pinterest board dedicated to it! I have one for turquoise too, but purple has always been a fascination for me.


I also have a website page “Her Purpleness” dedicated to my purple pieces!


I once owned a house that I painted purple. The problem was, it wasn’t in New Orleans and my neighbors got upset. They got over it, I moved, and the new owner painted it green. Ho hum. Now that I am in New Orleans, purple houses are routine.

Purple House In New Orleans

Another Purple House In New Orleans

And Another Purple House In New Orleans







So now, my house is yellow. With periwinkle trim (which technically is sort of purple), and a couple of other colors because sometimes, as my husband tells me, I don’t know when to stop. Good taste is a thin line. Here’s another thin line – what was I thinking buying these?

 When these arrived last fall, I thought: “GOOD GRIEF! Who is going to wear these? And what could I possibly put them in?”. A couple of weeks ago, I took the “smallest” amethysts, and made these. Thin line, I know. I love them.

Huge Honkin Amethyst & Stalactite Earrings

I have made more “reasonable” sizes with smaller drops.

Pink/Purple Tourmaline, Australian Opal and Amethyst Briolette Earrings

And of course these which I like to feature on all my FB pages:

Long Amethyst Drops on Stalactites, Cocaxenite and Lemon Quartz Earrings

Sometimes I get lucky and find purple sapphires (if you squint, the drops at the bottom of these earrings are beautiful rose cut purple sapphires):

Pink/Purple/Yellow Tourmalines with Rose Cut Purple Sapphires & Yellow & Orange Sapphire Briolettes

For the more “demure” purple lover – reminiscent of lilacs & wisteria:

Rose Cut Lavender Chalcedony with Tanzanite & Rose Quartz Heart Briolettes

My latest favorite purple piece: Stalactite pendant with emerald, amethyst and labradorite.

Stalactite Necklace with Emerald, Labradorite & Amethyst Briolettes on a Labradorite and Sterling Silver Chain

Almost every Holy Roller I’ve ever met (and dear God, thank you, but spare me from any more of your followers!) has made the point that Lydia (that’s me!) was the seller of purple in the New Testament. I like that. At that time, purple was only available to the noble classes, the dye was produced from shellfish and it was very difficult to make even a small amount. Apparently, she was a strong, independent and powerful person in her own right. And wealthy too! I’d rather be HER than Groucho’s “Tattooed Lady”!



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